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"A set of replacement grips and switches exclusively for the UNIFLAME Stick Turbo II.
This is a collaboration item between "BALLISTICS" and "LOCKFIELD".
LOCKFIELD Equipment offers two stylish colors, GLAY and NAVY, which are recommended for women and family campers. (BALLISTICS will be available in COYOTE, OD and BK.
The switch part is included. Of course, the grip can be used alone.
Can be customized to match other outdoor gear. Please customize it in your favorite color.

- Please note the following when purchasing.
Please note: Due to the small quantity in stock, each customer is limited to a total of one item.
If you purchase more than one item, or if you suspect that the item is for resale, we will cancel your order. Please understand.

- Please note the following
Please be sure to read the instructions on the package before you use this product.
Once used, it is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

This is a product for people who are familiar with DIY. If you are unsure or uncertain about the replacement, please do not try to replace it.
A cross head or a flat head precision screwdriver is required for replacement.
If you damage the electronic cord, which is wrapped in a transparent film that leads to the ignition part at the tip of the barrel, it will not spark and cannot be repaired, so please be careful not to scratch or slacken the cord.
The screws included are quite small, so please be careful not to lose them.
The UNIFLAME Stick Turbo II in not included and sold separately.

- Material: Elastic resin/ABS
- Quantity: 1
- Item Number: 2450505-124527