ML4 Pyramid Glove
ML4 Pyramid Glove
ML4 Pyramid Glove
ML4 Pyramid Glove
ML4 Pyramid Glove
ML4 Pyramid Glove

ML4 Pyramid Glove

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Silicone lamp chimney globe specially designed for LEDLENSER ML4.
It changes the light intensity of the ML4 into a gentle light.
The STD glove has an amber glow and can be used as a lantern with ambience while ensuring sufficient light output.
The BK has a slightly lower light output, but it makes the silhouette of the pyramid stand out beautifully.
It is ideal for enjoying drinks with a slightly darker light, or for use in a tent late at night.
The glove has phosphorescent material kneaded into it, and when it stores light, it glows in the dark when the lights are off.

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