Yama no Utsuwa
Yama no Utsuwa
Yama no Utsuwa
Yama no Utsuwa
Yama no Utsuwa
Yama no Utsuwa
Yama no Utsuwa
Yama no Utsuwa
Yama no Utsuwa

Yama no Utsuwa

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VIVAHDE's original "Yama no Utsuwa" is a beautiful, light and easy to use bowl.
Carefully selected Japanese Sen wood is used for the base, and each piece is made by a skilled craftsman of a traditional lacquer technique, Yamanaka-nuri, in Ishikawa prefecture.
The finish is a matte urethane coating for tableware that takes advantage of the texture of the wood, and one of its features is that it is easy to drain the water.
Using your favorite tableware will make the food you eat in nature more delicious.
Color: Natural, Black, Brown
Wooden utensils have excellent insulation properties, and even when you put hot food in them, you can hold it firmly in your hands and eat. There is no risk of burning your lips with hot dishes when you use this product. It is also gentle to the touch, making food taste even better. It is also recommended for those who do not like the feeling and sound of metal rubbing against each other.
Even though campers know the advantages of wooden tableware and want to use them, many people choose aluminum, titanium, or plastic tableware instead because wooden tablewares are too heavy for outdoor use, too small for their size, too difficult to handle, or not stackable.
VIVAHDE's original "Yama no Utsuwa" overcomes those problems and is designed with the balance of beauty, lightness and strength practicality in mind.
The three large, medium and small bowls can be stacked for compact storage, weighing only 210g each, and with capacities of 520ml, 360ml and 240ml respectively, they are practical. The set of three can be used for camping, and the two small and medium ones for hiking.
In actual use, the shape makes it easy to scoop food from the bowl and easy to wash. The bottom of all sizes is slightly curved to make them easy to hold and is user-friendly.
Makes a great gift!
You can exchange with other colors with your partner to make an original combination.

(Large) Φ11.5 x H6.8 (cm)
(Medium) Φ10.5 x H5.7 (cm)
(Small) Φ9.5 x H4.6 (cm)
(Large) 95g
(Medium) 77g
(Small) 38g
(Large) 520ml
(Medium) 360ml
(Small) 240ml
Japanese natural wood (Sen/Japanese Ash)
Urethane paint for tableware
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*This is a handmade product using natural materials, so there is a slight difference in size and weight
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