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The Vapalux Lantern M320 is a lantern that originated in the United Kingdom and is carefully handmade one by one.
Kerosene is used as fuel, which is safe and cost efficient. Alcohol is used for preheating.
It has a calm design, and you may be overwhelmed by its appearance at first, but once you get used to it, even beginners can use it easily. Adequate light can be obtained by pumping about 30-40 times.
The frame is die-cast aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion, and the tank is made from brass.
Lighting time is about 10 hours, lasting for two nights without a need for carrying extra fuel.

A genuine Vapalux mantle with a beautiful warm luminescence.

A wick for preheating, and an alcohol container.
If the wick is not heated enough, it may ignite into flames, so make sure it is heated enough.
*When the wick is worn out or carbonized after a long period of use, it is time to replace it.

This is a valve that opens and closes the part that serves as the passage for kerosene.

The oil supply port is a two-stage system.
Turning the large valve on the bottom opens the fueling port, and the small valve on the top is for adjusting the pressure. When the valve is loosened, the pressure in the kerosene tank drops and the light goes out.

Pumping lever. After preheating, pump 30-40 times to get the light.

It is a beautiful lantern with a great ambience.

Size: 345 x 160 (mm)
Weight: 1.9kg
Material: Aluminum die-cast (frame) / brass (tank)
Set contents: Manual, 1 spare mantle, 1 mantle (main unit already installed)
Fuel: Kerosene (tank capacity approx. 900cc)
Burning time: 10 hours
Brightness: 320 candle power (60W)
Quantity: 1
Item Number: 2180442-120582