Gaya Roll Top
Gaya Roll Top
Gaya Roll Top
Gaya Roll Top
Gaya Roll Top
Gaya Roll Top
Gaya Roll Top
Gaya Roll Top

Gaya Roll Top

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Gaya, a garage brand that leads the U.L hiking scene in South Korea, is a backpack that can be used for town use, day hiking, and even long-distance hiking for UL hikers.
The size is suitable for dayhike, but if you use the bungee cord that comes standard with the mesh pocket and bottom, it is a backpack that you can enjoy even in Natsuyama overnight hike if you are a minimalist hiker.
It is a backpack with a capacity of about 18-22L, and there are not many backpacks that have a good balance between usability and appearance.
The body material uses X-Pac with elasticity. With a large mesh pocket that is easy to use on the outside. It weighs about 395g and is extremely lightweight and perfect.
With hooks to prevent slack in your pockets, it won't spread too loosely.
It's a nice specification for people like me who can put anything such as bottles and action foods in their outer pockets. Lol
The bungee cord on the outside of the pocket can be used to pinch a mat or outerwear.
Detachable foam pad is standard equipment on the back. It can also be used as a mat for breaks or as a sub mat. Of course, if the size fits, you can change the mat to your liking.
A zippered pocket is placed inside to store valuables.

X-pac (VX07), 210D CAYL GRID
*Recommended packing weight: 7 kg or less
Country of manufacture
Made in the Korea
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