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The sosogu_ series makes it possible to control the pour of the hot water to a thin stream.
Typical kettles are not designed to pour thin stream like a dedicated drip pot.
By combining this #sosogu_ series kettle with your existing kettle, you don't need to carry a extra drip pot, keeping your backpack lighter.
The #sosogu_ series is a revolutionary product that makes it possible to brew even better coffee.
If you prefer an ultra-fine drip, we recommend the Polar model, which uses a thinner tube than the Standard model.
We recommend that you remove the sosogu_ when you put the kettle on the fire.

- Size: Fits a spout with a diameter of 15-18mm
- Weight: 8-9g
- Compatible Kettle:.
All sizes of trangia kettles
Coleman Pack-Away Kettle
- Quantity: 1
- Item Number: 1950391-124572