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KAENON was born in California in 2001.
KAENON's world-patented SR-91 lens uses the unique polarizing filter Glare86 to reduce eye strain and ensure accurate depth perception.
It is said to be the most advanced lens in the world, boasting outstanding performance in terms of durability, lightness, transparency, and lack of distortion, and is attracting a great deal of attention worldwide in the eyewear industry.

KERN is a model with excellent cost performance while using the "SR-91 ULTRA" polarizing lens, which is the further advanced version of the SR-91.
Weighing only 28 grams, it is equipped with state-of-the-art lenses in a casual design.

Features of the SR-91 ULTRA
Clarifies the boundary where the wavelengths of the three primary colors of light (blue, green, and red) intersect.
The wavelengths of visible light (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red) are controlled for greater clarity.
Ensures visibility that extends to details and depths.

A design that blends in well with urban use. Can be used as daily UV protection. Reduces eyestrain and relaxes the eyes, allowing you to enjoy your time in the city and other activities.
This is an excellent product created by KAENON that not only protects your eyes but also widens your vision and makes it even clearer. With the SR-91 ULTRA lenses, you will experience a world unlike anything you have ever seen before.

- Size: FREE
Lens width: 55mm, Lens height: 42mm, Bridge: 19mm, Temples: 139mm, Frame width: 129mm
- Weight: Approx. 28g
- Material: Frame: Lightweight, flexible TR-90 frame material
Lens: Kaenon SR-91® Polarized Lens (polarized lens)
Nose pads: Hypoallergenic recessed Variflex™ nose pads
- Quantity: 1
- Item Number: 1770350-124520