Folding Bowl 20L Asphalt
Folding Bowl 20L Asphalt

Folding Bowl 20L Asphalt

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The Ortlieb Folding Bowl is a completely waterproof bowl made of a unique material that folds up compactly.
It can be used in various ways. It can be used in all kinds of outdoor scenes, such as washing dishes at camp or fetching water, and when it is not needed, it can be folded compactly to save storage space.
It is large enough to hold two 2L bottles.
The original method of "3D" welding that realizes complete waterproofing welded by overlapping the fabric. The curved surfaces and strength is the best in the world.
Even when filled with water, it will not lose its shape. It is ideal for washing dishes, vegetables, and keeping beer cold with water and ice.
The 20L is also useful as a bucket to keep firewood dry. The waterproof material allows you to store shoes and clothes that get wet in the field and carry them around in your car without making a mess.

W30 x H28 x D30 (cm)
3D welded fully waterproof fabric (Ortlieb proprietary)
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