Gamme 8
Gamme 8
Gamme 8
Gamme 8

Gamme 8

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Norwegian outdoor brand >NORTENT provides gears reliable all seasons and in every situation. The brand aims for their gears to be beautiful in shape, and to blend in with nature. Gears that are light, safe, easy to set up and to provide comfortable experience.
>Gamme 8 is a self-standing dome tent inspired by Gamme, a home for the Sami people, the aboriginals of Scandinavia. It is equipped with a chimny port so it can be used in a cold winter day with firewood stove.
It is large in size, (216cm in height, 432cm in radius,) and weighs 12kg. The weight is extremely light considering its structure and its weather resistance.
The frame consists of 5 poles crossing each other at 7 different points. This structure helps the tent to stand in bad weather and heavy snowfall. The poles and the sleeves are color coded, so with practice, it is possible to set up alone. The hooks, carabiners, and belts are used to connect the poles and the fly sheet to the tent for higher durability.
The 6 ventilation windows constantly provide fresh air to the living space, which helps prevent condensation, and keep the stove burning. The doors consist of two layers with a layer of mesh material to keep insects from entering the tent. The skirts at the bottom of the tent prevent cold air and rain from entering, and provide a cozy space for the people inside. This is a lightweight and compact tent, that is perfect in all weather and situation.
*The inner tent, the floor sheet sold separately
*To provide high quality products in a reasonable price, the seams are not sealed. It is necessary for you to do it yourself. Please apply the seam sealing product that comes with the tent, or seam grip +SIL, sold separately from Gear Aid. Please wait 24 hours after applying before use.

When in use: W432 x D432 x H216¼cm¼
When stored: 68 x 32¼cm¼
12kg (pegs and poles included)
Body: Nylon 6 (water pressure resistance 3000mm)
Poles : high quality aluminum x 5
Pegs: aluminum Y pegs x 24
8 people (6 people with the inner tent)
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