solo iron plate
solo iron plate
solo iron plate
solo iron plate

solo iron plate

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This is a griddle with a balance of weight and thickness (heat retention) based on the concept of, ""Have steak on the mountain!""
It can be used with any heat source and is easier to grill than grilling net.
The handle can also be used as a scraper and can be used to remove burns.
The curved edge prevents oil from spilling.
It is designed so that various aluminum mess tins (sold separately) can be used for the lid, and the tins can be packed with a special case.
Recommended for mountaineering as well as for solo camping.

Oil conditioning before use
Wash the griddle with dish soap and wipe dry.
Heat over high flame. Heat over high heat until smoke comes out and the griddle turns pale, then remove from heat.
After the griddle has cooled slightly, spread a thin layer of cooking oil over the entire surface.
Fry the vegetable scraps with more cooking oil.
After the griddle has cooled, rinse it in cold water without soap.

Storage after use
Remove the burns with the scraper attached to the handle.
Wash in cold water without soap.
After it has cooled down, apply a thin coat of cooking oil.
Wrap in newspaper or rustproof paper for storage.

170 x 100 x 6 (mm), plate thickness 3.2mm
Body/Black iron plate, Handle/Stainless steel, Case/Cotton
Body, handle, and storage case
Precautions for use
Please read the instructions of the burner you are using carefully and use it safely.
Do not cook over high heat for long periods of time, as the gas can, fuel bottle, etc. will become hot.
Be careful not to burn yourself.
Please wash the pan immediately after checking that the pan has cooled down.
If rust has formed, remove the rust with a steel scrubber, and then reapply oil to the pan before use.
Do not use for any purpose other than cooking.
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