Apollon S
Apollon S
Apollon S
Apollon S
Apollon S
Apollon S
Apollon S
Apollon S
Apollon S
Apollon S

Apollon S

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The compact size Apollo inherits the form and rigidity from Apollo.
The inner tent can be attached to either the front or back.
The simple structure makes it easy to set up, and the full mesh on all sides makes it comfortable to use in all seasons.
It is a so-called tunnel-type tent, and is ideal for duo camping and other small group camping.
The side canopies can be raised by using the optional poles.

For 2-3 people
Use size / W440 x D255 x H282 (cm)
Storage size / 70 x 32 x 32 (cm)
Total weight (excluding accessories) / 13.2kg
Fly / 6.0kg, Inner: 2.0kg
Roof fly / 0.6kg
Pole / 4.6kg
Accessories / 2.75kg
Fly / 75d polyester (water pressure resistant 1,800mm)
Inner / Polyester 68d
Ground sheet / 210d polyester (water resistance 1,800mm)
Pole / 6061 aluminum alloy (Φ16mm, Φ14.5mm, Φ13mm)
6 x 1.5 m, 10 x 3 m tension ropes, 1 iron hammer, 22 steel pins 25 cm long
1 iron hammer, 22 steel pins 25cm x 22, storage bag
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