Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C
Gloke 8 T/C

Gloke 8 T/C

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The Glocke 8 is a bell-shaped tent with a monopole, single frame construction.
It has a pentagonal floor shape, a single main pole in the center, and an A-frame with a wide opening for easy entry and exit. The bell-shaped, 72cm side rise makes the interior space feel incredibly spacious.
It can accommodate 4 people, so it is a good tent for a family.
The compact storage makes it easy to handle, and the fact that it is not that difficult to set up also makes it attractive.

For 4 people
Use size / W335 x D215 x H225 (cm)
Storage size / 76 x 28 x 28 (cm)
Total weight (excluding accessories) / 8.6kg
Fly / 5.4kg, Groundsheet / 1.2kg, Pole / 2.0kg
Weight of accessories / 2.8kg
Fly (roof) / Polyester ripstop 75d (water pressure resistant 1,800mm)
Fly (side) / 150d polyester (water resistance 1,800mm)
Ground sheet / 210d polyester (water resistance 1,800mm)
Pole / 6061 aluminum alloy (Φ30mm, Φ19mm)
1 sheet of ground sheet, 9 x 1.5m and 1 x 3m tension ropes, 1 iron hammer, 1 steel pin
Iron hammer 1pc, Steel pins 25cm x 15pcs, 20cm x 5pcs, Storage bag
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