Oil Insert Candle 90 2.0
Oil Insert Candle 90 2.0
Oil Insert Candle 90 2.0
Oil Insert Candle 90 2.0
Oil Insert Candle 90 2.0
Oil Insert Candle 90 2.0
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Oil Insert Candle 90 2.0

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A small oil lamp that uses paraffin oil as fuel.
It can be used as is, or as a convenient substitute for candles in candle lanterns. Like a candle, you can light it with a match or lighter. The appropriate amount of wick exposure is about 3-5mm. To put out the flame, blow it out with your breath or put the cap on.
It is more economical than candles because it can be used repeatedly by simply refilling the fuel and replacing the wick. It comes with a small linen sack for easy carrying.
Fuel oil is not included.
The size of the flame is not constant and is affected by the amount of oil remaining. If the flame is too small even when there is enough oil, loosening the entire wick (loosening the fibers so that they expand softly) may improve the flame.
If the wick is tilted while it is filled with oil, the oil may spread on the exposed part of the wick. Please note that these are product features not defects.

Please note
This product is open flame like a candle. Please be careful of burns and fire.
When not in use, be sure to use up the fuel inside or remove it to a separate container.
Keep out of the reach of children.
This product is a lighting. Do not use the product for any other purpose.
This product is not guaranteed to be compatible with other brands of candle lanterns.
This product is for paraffin oil. Do not use kerosene, gasoline, or any other liquid fuel.

When in use: Φ28 x H85 (mm)
When stowed / Φ28 x H90 (mm)
Duration of ignition
4 hours
(*This may vary depending on the amount of wick exposure and the nature of the fuel.)
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