Torch carryall
Torch carryall
Torch carryall

Torch carryall

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The original special carry bag designed to comfortably carry the Oil Torch.
It neatly holds two Oil Torch Portables and one fuel bottle. The bag can be stored in an upright position, so there is no need to worry about the fuel leakage.
The internal dividers can be moved to the desired position, making it ideal for storing a variety of gears. For example, one divider can be set in the center to hold OD gas cans, four 250ml cans can be stacked in a row for a total of eight cans, and two 500ml cans can be stacked in a row for a total of four cans.
The inside of the bag and the dividers are waterproof with PVC coating. The inside of the bag and dividers are PVC-coated for waterproofing, and can be wiped clean immediately for peace of mind. (*Not completely waterproof.)
The zipper handle is designed to be easy to grip so that it can be opened and closed even when wearing gloves.
It can neatly hold two oil torch portables and one fuel bottle.
Includes a mesh pocket that can also hold lighters and matches.

W26 x D15 x H36 (cm)
Polyester (outer fabric), PVC (inner fabric, dividers)
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