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How compact can a coffee dripper be without compromising the essence of "making a good coffee"?
The product brand DOOGOO first began developing this product from a sense of romance they felt on the idea to pursue the ultimate, instead of logically thinking of why it needs to be compact.
Through the course of their product planning, they came to the idea of assembling six stick-like parts and clipping the paper filter onto the upper clip section, and achieved an overwhelmingly compact travel size.
When disassembled and bundled, it measures only 10mm wide, 80mm high, 3.6mm thick, and weighs only 21g.
The structure they have created to make it compact has almost no walls when in use, allowing the gas from coffee bloom to be easily released, which allows you to enjoy a cleaner, less unfavorable flavor.
The â€18-8 stainless steel†used for this product is durable, rust and corrosion resistant.
Since there are only a few small parts, you can wash it quickly and easily, and it dries in no time.
“THE MICRODRIPPER†is a coffee dripper that is not only compact but also highly practical.
The MICRODRIPPER can be used at home, in the office, or for a quick coffee break outside for a "happy moment" with freshly brewed, delicious coffee anytime, anywhere.

It’s palm size form doesn’t look like a coffee dripper.

Assemble the three bottom plates.

Attach the top parts on each of the places the bottom plate intersects.

(Assembly tips)
When attaching the top plate, press the tip against the intersection point of the bottom plate and slightly twist them to insert the plate firmly to the bottom.
When disassembling, pull the plate out while twisting a bit to make it easier to remove.
It may be a bit stiff at first, but after a few times of repeated assembly, the plates will become easier to assemble and disassemble.

Fits cups with a diameter of approximately 50-100mm.

Assemble the 6 plates (3 plates of each of the 2 types) and you will be able to drip your coffee in no time.
Attach a paper filter (conical filter for 1-2 cups).
Place the paper filter between the clips on the top plate.
Press lightly on the clip to open the slit, making it easier to insert the paper filter.
Make sure to insert the filter all the way.

Carry it outside and enjoy freshly brewed, delicious coffee anywhere, anytime.

- Size:
Use size: W110 x D105 x H70 (mm)
Storage size: W10 x D3.6 x H80 (mm)
Weight: 21g
Body/18-8 stainless steel (SUS304), Case/PVC
Applicable cup: Diameter 50-100mm
Quantity: 1
Item Number: 120862