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KAYARI from TRIPATH PRODUCTS is a mosquito repellent coil holder, which resembles a classic, pig-shaped coil holder used in Japan.
It’s name “KAYARI†is simply taken from a Japanese word for a mosquito repellent coil product.
The material used is rust-resistant galvanized steel (ZAM), which is also used for the top panel of the MOKUME TABLE by TRIPATH PRODUCTS, therefore it is quite tough.
Each one is hand-crafted from a flat sheet of metal, cut out by laser and assembled into this beautiful three-dimensional product.
A quick assembly is required for the front legs and the parts for hanging incense sticks before use, but the final touch is for you to enjoy.
(The product cannot be folded)

The part for hanging the mosquito repellent coil is movable and can be pulled toward the front or the back.
The ashes are caught within the product.
There is also a hanging hole on the back of the pig so that it can be hung.
It can also be hung using the TRI-HOOK (sold separately).

Size: 115 x 145 x 160 (mm)
Weight: 350g
Material: ZAM (galvanized steel sheet)
Quantity: 1
Item Number: 123142