FIKA 12 DW Nicetime Exclusive
FIKA 12 DW Nicetime Exclusive
FIKA 12 DW Nicetime Exclusive
FIKA 12 DW Nicetime Exclusive

FIKA 12 DW Nicetime Exclusive

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FIKA, which fits snugly in one hand, is Swedish when the word "tea time" is given in Swedish.
"FIKA12" makes you happy to have such warmth even in mountain climbing, attack, battle order, and outfield. The dodecagonal dodecagonal shape makes me happy to have it.
"FIKA 12 DW Nicetime Exclusive", which I had consulted with CATAPULT, was used in Yadozawa with black as the main. Black Urheat is a popular box wood that comes to sex and is also popular for furniture and trolleys.
The turquoise color is the best for the photo ball on the handle, and the boy is refreshingly saying something in a profound feeling.
Because it uses natural materials, it has a nice grain and color. With "FIKA12" as a companion, I was able to make it.
* This is a [over-the-counter sale only] product. Please note.

90 x 50 (mm) (excluding strap)
Black walnut
About handling
* Please note the following so that you can use the product for a long time.
* Do not use for any purpose other than the intended purpose of the product.
* Do not apply excessive force. It may cause damage such as cracks and cracks. Cracks may occur due to changes in the environment.
* Please note that the color and texture of the product may differ due to the use of natural materials.

* When using it as tableware, please pay attention to the following items and use it at your own risk.
* To use woodwork products as tableware for a long time, many ingenuity and care are required.
* Before use, coat the surface with walnut oil to prevent it from drying out.
* Do not use a microwave oven, oven, dish dryer, dishwasher, etc.
* Do not immerse in water or hot water.
* Hot water or sudden temperature changes may cause cracks or cracks in the product.
* Metal scrubbing brushes, sponges with abrasives, cleansers, etc. may scratch the surface and cause pain. When cleaning, apply a neutral detergent to a soft sponge and wash gently.
* Do not expose to direct sunlight to dry, but dry in the shade. Rapid drying can cause cracks.
* If you are concerned about the smell, please do not add drinks.
* Dark foods and oil may soak into the wood and stains may not be removed.
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