Zenigame Assort
Zenigame Assort
Zenigame Assort
Zenigame Assort
Zenigame Assort
Zenigame Assort

Zenigame Assort

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PLATFORM is a startup manufacturer based in the Tohoku and Miyagi prefecture of Japan.

Their concept derives from an ancient etymology of the Chinese word for "platform", which is "a hill where you could gaze at the moon."
Through their gears, they aspire to support those who enjoy nature and meet new vistas along their journeys.
PLATFORM introduces you with gears that can be used in a simple motion, suitable for any location, whether in the cities, in the mountains, or anywhere you travel - they are border-less.
This "Zenigame" is a minimalist coin case.
You can easily open and close the zipper by passing your fingers through the side loop, and you can easily open the mouth and take out the coins inside by slightly squeezing the case with your fingers. If you have a few bills, you can fold them in.
The hexagon shape like the shell of a turtle fits comfortably in your hand. It can be attached not only to carabiner but also to webbing up to 20 mm.
When you hike in Japan, you can smoothly take out coins for traditional "Osaisen" shrine offerings or when using a toilet. When I go to a public bath, I find it useful to bring my home key and a minimum amount of cash.
For typical usage, you can use it as a key case, earphone case, or a pill case.
We recommend you to find a usage that suits you best.
* The materials and colors of this product are random. The combination of each part is different, and you cannot specify the color or material, but we hope your encounter with this one-of-a-kind design will bring you joy.

W60 x H90 x D10 (mm)
X-pac, X-pac LS, Dyneema X grid stop, Dyneema Composite Fabric (Cuben Fiber)
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