Handle Set Walnut S+M
Handle Set Walnut S+M
Handle Set Walnut S+M
Handle Set Walnut S+M
Handle Set Walnut S+M
Handle Set Walnut S+M

Handle Set Walnut S+M

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[Iron frying pan "Jiu" made by a small factory that unites "cooking" and "eating".]
This product is a collaboration between a creative unit in Nakameguro, Tokyo, and Fujita Kinzoku, a small factory in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture.
"Cook it yourself, eat it yourself." "Cook with your friends, eat with your friends."
This is a new concept of iron frying pan for people who enjoy DIY lifestyle.
This set includes Small and Medium size frying pans and handles.
The unique rim shape reminds you of a plate and feels right even on a table.
The sliding handle can be smoothly attached to any side of the pan, making it both easy to store and easy to cook with.
"Jiu" is a frying pan made of iron that can be used for a lifetime. Enjoy the aging of the iron as you build up your memories and cooking skills.
The secret to great taste in any dish is to cook slowly on low heat.
Direct heat may blacken and burn your dish. To bring out the delicious flavor of the ingredients, we recommend patiently cooking on low heat.
*Iron frying pans themselves are resistant to heat, so you can use high heat to remove moisture and blend in seasoning oil.

[How to care before use]
Iron frying pan
1. Wash the pan thoroughly with dish soap, then dry thoroughly.
2. Heat the pan with appropriate amount of oil and let it spread over the entire surface, then wipe off excess oil.
3. Pour some oil, heat until it's hot, and you're all set!

[How to care after use]
1. Scrub with a brush in hot water while the product is still warm. Do not use soap.
2. After scrubbing, heat it and let the water dry.
3. If you are not going to use it for a while, coat the entire pan with cooking oil and store. If you put oil on the entire handle, you can use it even longer.

[How to care before use]
1. Apply vegetable oil to the handle using paper towel.
2. Remove it from the pan when cooking over medium to high heat, as it may burn.

Frying pan Jiu Small Φ16 x D3 (cm)
Frying pan Jiu Medium Φ20 x D3.6 (cm)
Handle 19 x Φ3.5 (cm)
Frying Pan Jiu Small 560g
Frying Pan Jiu Medium 780g
Handle 195g
Iron (frying pan jiu), walnut wood (handle)
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