Gimle Family 4+ 4-6
Gimle Family 4+ 4-6
Gimle Family 4+ 4-6
Gimle Family 4+ 4-6
Gimle Family 4+ 4-6
Gimle Family 4+ 4-6

Gimle Family 4+ 4-6

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HELSPORT, founded in 1951, develops their tents and sleeping bags in Norway, and has since been known for its world-class quality. “Gimle Family 4+ 4-6†is a tunnel-shaped tent perfect for use with your family. The tent provides cozy space in rain and in any situations. The tent is made of polyester, but is flame-proof.
The tent is approximately 180cm tall. You won't need to bend down to move inside the tent. It can hold 6 people at large, and comes with a 4-people inner tent.It does not have a chimney hole, but a firewood stove can be installed as the material is flame-proof and the tent has a large zippered window at the front.
The font window consists of 2 layers, and can also be used as a mesh window. It can be set up alone. Can be used alone, and as a spacious tent for solo campers. Can be used all seasons.

When stored: 29 x 50¼cm)
7.80kg (pegs included)
Helsport Rainguard®
Poles (530cm x 2/ 470cm x 1)
Pegs x 24 (0.21kg)
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