Titanium Stovetop Cooker 650FC with case

Titanium Stovetop Cooker 650FC with case

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A titanium cooker with a capacity of 650ml. The thin sides provide high heat conductivity.
The lid can also be used as a frying pan for small baked or stir-fried dishes.
The handle can be folded to make it compact, and a 110g gas can fits perfectly inside.
This is a cooker that has been thoughtfully designed for your benefit.

- Size
Main body/Φ132 (tapered inner diameter: Φ105-111)Ã74mm (capacity: 650ml), frying pan/Φ123 (tapered inner diameter: Φ102-116)Ã40mm
- Weight: 156g
- Materials: Body: Titanium, Frying pan: Titanium (fluorine coating), Handle: Stainless steel, Case: Nylon
- Quantity: 1
- Item Number: 120609