hot sandwich solo
hot sandwich solo
hot sandwich solo
hot sandwich solo
hot sandwich solo
hot sandwich solo

hot sandwich solo

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The hot sandwich solo is a completely new hot sandwich maker that was created based on the theme of "just the perfect breakfast."
For breakfast, a hot sandwich using a single piece of bread is just perfect. Using two slices of bread to make hot sandwiches tends to make them a little more voluminous in the morning. The Hot Sandwich Solo solves this problem.
One slice of bread is set with the crust still attached. Simply add your favorite ingredients inside and grill on both sides. Perfect for busy mornings.
Heat it over low heat for about 5 to 6 minutes, and you have a sandwitch that is crispy on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside.
There is a reason for the unique, slightly thick edge. The shape has been studied to ensure that when the hot sandwich maker is closed, the edges of the bread do not stick out, and that they are securely pressed into place. It also looks kind of cute.
The finished product is small, making it easy for children to eat. The filling is spill-proof and can be easily eaten with one hand.
The long-awaited split type has been updated. It is now easier to wash and use as a stand-alone unit.
When used with the "Stove Supporter" (sold separately), the stove can be used for more stable cooking.

140 x 285 x H40 (mm)
(Body) Aluminum alloy (fluororesin-coated surface)
(Handle) Phenolic resin
(Metal fitting) Stainless steel
(Rivet) Copper
Not compatible with IH.
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