sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
sanpo CF stove
Sanpo's Fun Lite Gear

sanpo CF stove

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Sanpo's FunLiteGear's sanpo CF stove is an alcohol stove that not only functions as a tool, but also looks like an object.
It's so delicate that it can't be thought of as being made from an empty can, and it has a very good combustion efficiency.
By using carbon felt, it is possible to minimize the flame up in case of a fall, there is no need for preheating, and it has the advantage that it can be used even at low temperatures.
The gimmick that allows you to easily adjust the firepower by putting the core in and out is excellent. Low heat can burn for a longer time. If you raise it to the maximum
Become. Also, with the digestive lid, you can extinguish the fire on the way.
When carrying the product with fuel in it, halve the alcohol fuel and put it in a sealed bag such as Ziploc. It can also be stored in the EVERNEW titanium cup 400FD.
The specially calculated Gotoku has both combustion efficiency and a beautiful appearance as a tool.
It can be used more efficiently when used with a windshield.
The design is easy to carry and packing is simpler.

Stove: Ï53 x H43 (mm), H65mm (including fire lid)
Gotoku stand: approx. H85 x 25 (mm), W65 mm (whole)
52g (main unit, stand)
Steel, aluminum (stove body), stainless steel (Gotoku), carbon felt
Fuel capacity
About 56.82ml (2oz)
Stove body, Gotoku and stand, spare CF, instruction manual
Since this product is a handmade stove that reuses commercially available beverage cans, there are some individual differences.
Design specifications may change due to improvements and changes in specifications such as beverage cans. Please note.
Be sure to use fuel alcohol.
Combustion efficiency cannot be guaranteed without the dedicated Gotoku stand.
Keep out of reach of small children.
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