Creep stove
Creep stove
Creep stove
Creep stove
Creep stove
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Creep stove

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The Creep stove from Sanpo's Fun Lite gear is a great product that allows anyone to easily experience the best of alcohol stoves.
It's a simple stove that can be used right away to make a cup of coffee on a walk or day trip.
Despite its simplicity, repeated prototyping and testing has resulted in a optimal combustion efficiency.
The fuel efficiency is good enough to boil 800cc in about 11 minutes with maximum 30ml fuel.
It is recommended not only for day trips but also for speed hikes where you want to reduce load.
It is a small stove of about 18g, but considering the balance of weight and function, it is a stove that can be adequately used.
You can use solid fuel on the mesh as well as alcohol. When using solid fuel, please remove the carbon felt from the inside.
The stove is ready to light as soon as you take it out from the cooker and add fuel. You don't have to worry about setting the windscreen or the trivet.
It is also stackable with a variety of small cookers.

54 x H60 (mm)
Aluminum, Stainless steel, Copper, Titanium
The attached windscreen has only a basic functionality. When it is windy, please take measures such as preparing a separate windscreen.
When you put fuel, please put it so that it covers the center of the mesh.
If you put more than 30ml of fuel, it will leak from the side of the can, so please be careful when you light it.
Please place the cooker on the center of the stove.
Combustion data
Fuel: 30ml Continuous burning time = 12 minutes
800cc boiling in 10min 34sec (water temperature 22ââ€, indoor measurement)
Fuel: 20ml Continuous burning time = 10minutes
400cc boiling in 7min 40sec (water temperature 22ââ€, indoor measurement)
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