Campfire Kettle 1.5L
Campfire Kettle 1.5L
Campfire Kettle 1.5L
Campfire Kettle 1.5L
Campfire Kettle 1.5L
Campfire Kettle 1.5L
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Campfire Kettle 1.5L

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This is a 1.5L campfire kettle by EAGLE Products from Norway.
The kettle is made of stainless steel with a copper-plated bottom for excellent heat conduction.
You can boil it first and then hang it over the campfire to use whenever you need it.
This fire kettle has a beautiful two-tone color. The copper plating on the bottom of the kettle is not only for the design, but also to increase the thermal conductivity. The wide base also allows the water to boil faster.
The handle can be hooked on the ring attached to the body, making it easy to carry around.
The two handles provide firm stability when hanging or pouring. Also, the handle sticks out in the middle for easy hanging, which is a great feature for those who want to hang it from a tree.
The water pouring performance is very good and you can easily control the amount of hot water, so you can drip coffee as it is, but by attaching the sosogu_(L) (sold separately), you can drip finer. I recommend this kettle for coffee lovers.
It also comes with a portable storage bag and is recommended for family use.
The handle of the lid can be fixed in an upright position, making it easy to check the boiling status of the water. The only thing is that the lid may fall off if you try to pour the water all the way through, so please be careful about that.

Please do not use high heat of household gas stove as it may melt the coating.
Φ16.5 x 8 (cm)
Stainless steel (Copper plating on the bottom)
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