Down Mat Lite 5 M
Down Mat Lite 5 M
Down Mat Lite 5 M

Down Mat Lite 5 M

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EXPED is a Swiss-born outdoor brand that has gained tremendous support from hardcore campers and hikers.
One of EXPED's representative products is the Down Mat.
The Down Mat Lite 5 M is a compact air mat that offers great comfort for good money.
The material, the thickness, and the amount of down feathers have been adjusted to reduce the weight. This model has a very good balance between price and the temperature range, (down to -10â„.)
Except for the crimping part, the entire body is filled with duck down feathers (650FP). This layer of air and down feather is what keeps the body warm.
The thickness of the mat is 5 cm, which makes it difficult for the cold to penetrate from below.
The top surface is brushed to reduce slippage, and the vertical, sturdy welded-through baffle (bulkhead) structure, prevents lateral shifting and prevents you from rolling off while sleeping. Another reason for its popularity is its comfort. It gently supports and envelops the body.
In Japan, this mats can be used for a relatively long time throughout the year, keeping you warm and comfortable. For most people, this mat offers sufficient performance.

- Size:.
W183 x H5 x D52 (cm) (when in use)
W26 x Φ13 (cm) (when stored)
- Weight: 620g, 45g (pump), 17g (stuff bag)
- Materials: 75D polyester, raised, TPU polyester film laminate, hydrolysis resistant (top)
75D polyester, TPU polyester film laminate, hydrolysis resistant, PU flat valve (bottom)
- Operating temperature: -10°C
- R-value: 4.10
- Down: 650 fill power down (80g)
- Contents: Mat, Mini Pump, Storage Bag, Repair Kit
- Quantity: 1
- Item Number: 117296