sosogu_Fu Kiwami
sosogu_Fu Kiwami
sosogu_Fu Kiwami

sosogu_Fu Kiwami

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sosogu's aren't just for hot water!
The sosogu_Fu is compatible with fuel bottles of various brands such as MSR and trangia (inner diameter 26-31mm).
The sosogu_Fu can be used to refuel lanterns and other equipment without the stress of using a funnel. You'll be able to use your lantern hassle-free and even enjoy the "sosogu" (pouring) experience!

- Size: Fits spouts with a diameter of 26-31mm
- Weight: 27g
- Compatible kettle: MSR, trangia, OPTIMUS and other fuel bottles, etc.
Fits approximately 26-31mm inside diameter
- Quantity: 1
- Item Number: 117172