Soloist Grayish Blue
Soloist Grayish Blue
Soloist Grayish Blue
Soloist Grayish Blue
Soloist Grayish Blue
Soloist Grayish Blue
Soloist Grayish Blue
Soloist Grayish Blue
Soloist Grayish Blue
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Soloist Grayish Blue

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The Soloist from Pre Tents is the perfect tent for solo campers who want to be close to nature. It is a monopole shelter with a large front door that can be fully opened and the door turns into a tarp using trekking poles or tree branches. Double-wall design with hanging inner mesh tent.
There is only one entrance with a zipper that separates the sides instead of a center zip. Although it increases the weight, this specification gives the Soloist a unique usability.

The main guy lines are all set, so you only need to prepare the poles to set up.
You will need 125cm poles or trekking poles to set up.

Can be set up with 125cm poles, fly only, and inner mesh only. The inner mesh door can be opened wide. The height of the mesh inner lining is 105cm at the center. It is high enough for a single person to sit and have a meal or organize their luggage. The front compartment is also a maximum of 40cm deep and is large enough for one person to use.
There is a pole in the center of the doorway, but it doesn't bother too much since the opening is wide open.
If you have another pole, you can flip up the front to use it like a tarp.
If the weather is good and you have time to spare, it's nice to relax under a mini tarp like this.
Despite its simple appearance, it is very well thought out.
The door can be rolled up at the top by removing the center peg and opening the zippers on both sides.
This is a great feature on a hot day. It gives you a sense of freedom.
If you want to take a nap at day camp during the warm season, we recommend using the mesh inner lining alone!
If you want to use the inner mesh only, you will need a separate guy line.
If you use the special footprint (sold separately), you can fix the toggle to the fly in advance to set it up as one unit.

- Size:
Fly: Width (front) 110 Width (rear) 100 Depth 240 Height (front) 100 Height (rear) 70 (cm)
Inner: width (front) 95 width (rear) 85 depth 205 height (front) 90 height (rear) 60 (cm)
- Weight: 790g
- Material: Fly: 30D ripstop nylon 66 double-sided silicone (water pressure resistance: 2,000mm)
Body: 15D nylon mesh
Floor: 30D ripstop nylon 66 PU coated (water resistance: 3,000mm)
- Contents: Outer tent, inner tent, stuff sack, 10 pegs, guy lines (already connected)
- Capacity: 1 person
- Attention.
The fly is silicone-coated on both sides, so seam taping is not possible.
The main seams are piped and can be left as they are to keep out a certain amount of rain.
Please use seam grips (sold separately) on unpiped seams if necessary.
The double-sided sill fabric can be used for a long time without the risk of the coating or tape coming off, as long as it is maintained.

The product is guaranteed for three years against defects only if the product is used by the purchaser. (This does not apply to secondary distribution products.)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
- Quantity: 1
- Item Number: 117103