Tetra Drip 02P-g
Tetra Drip 02P-g
Tetra Drip 02P-g
Tetra Drip 02P-g

Tetra Drip 02P-g

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The MUNIEQ Tetra Drip 02 is a coffee dripper achieves "portability", "stability", and "deliciousness" at a high level. It can brew 3.5 cups of coffee and is a beautiful portable coffee dripper with a minimalist aesthetic that eliminates any waste.

It is highly stable and extremely light. It can be placed on any cup or container with a diameter of 56-128 mm, so you can always have a nice cup of coffee.

It weighs only 25g. The thickness is about 6 mm when all three sheets are stacked. Polypropylene is a strong, heat-resistant material that does not absorb moisture. Even if it bends a little, it will quickly return to its original shape.

The package can also be used as a portable case.

- Size: 135 x 90 x 6 (mm)
- Weight: 25g
- Material: Polypropylene
- Capacity: 3.5cup
- Quantity: 1
- Item number: 117036