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sanzoku mountain

derutas ORTEGA

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This is a bonfire table set made by Nicetime as a special order for Sanzoku Mountain.
The different-sized tops have primitive geometric patterns designed with the motif of the textile pattern, which is a traditional craft of Chimayo, New Mexico.
As the base material, black leather iron with excellent heat resistance and durability is used, and it is possible to put hot things or to put it directly on fire.
Also, the more you use it, the more you can enjoy the unique aging of the material and the beautiful contrast with the burning flames and lights.
Three types of legs with different heights can be easily replaced without the need for tools. You can make your own settings according to your bonfire and situation.
An item that greatly expands the way you can enjoy a bonfire depending on your ideas.
We pursued the balance of design while ensuring the ease of use and stability as a table and a fire when cooking.
The geometric pattern on the top plate gives a colorful expression due to the fluctuation of the flame.
Also, the shadows cast add color to the tent site.
We have made a detailed design up to the edge of the top plate.
As a side table, of course, you can also put it directly on fire like Gotoku. It is also recommended to put a kettle and boil water, or put a frying pan and a Dutch oven to cook. A versatile side table set.
A special case is included, so you can carry all the parts together in a compact size.
When stored, it fits in a thickness of about 30 mm.
*This fabric will be sorted according to the arrival time.

[Large] W440 x D320 (mm)
[Medium] W360 x D260 (mm)
[Small] W280 x D200 (mm)
Short (max. length: 203cm x max. shoulder width: 80cm [up to 165cm in height])
Black leather iron
Set contents
3 top plates, 6 legs each (170 mm, 260 mm, 350 mm), storage bag
Since each item is hand-made, there are individual differences such as welding marks and scratches during production. Please note this in advance.
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