Fire side stand
Fire side stand
Fire side stand
Fire side stand
Fire side stand
Fire side stand

Fire side stand

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One of the representative works of SomAbito, a garage brand from Kyoto, Japan, "Fire Side Stand".
Just by placing the top plate on the three wood legs, you can create a side table. The top board is made of iron, so you can place a hot Dutch oven, kettle, skillet, etc.
The rails and hooks can be used to hang fire tools, cups, lights, small lanterns, and more.
Available in two heights and in natural and vintage colours, you can choose the one that best suits your gears.
The top panel is 350mm in size, so it won't get in your way, and you can place it next to your chair to spice up your camp.
With SomAbito engraving.
There are rails and hooks, so you can hang your gears.
The height is available in two sizes: 300mm and 500mm.
You can choose according to the height of your chair or fire pit.

Use size: W350 x H302 (mm)
Storage size: Legs 450mm, Top panel 350 x 350 (mm)
Iron, White ash
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