mouncol ORTEGA
mouncol ORTEGA
mouncol ORTEGA
mouncol ORTEGA
sanzoku mountain

mouncol ORTEGA

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It is a bonfire made by Nicetime as a special order for Sanzoku Mountain.
Designed with the motif of a woven fabric that is also a traditional craft of Chimayo, New Mexico, ORTEGA features a primitive geometric pattern that has never been seen on a bonfire.
The base material is black leather with excellent heat resistance and durability. The more you use it, you can enjoy the unique aging of the material and the beautiful contrast with the burning flame.
Also, the two types of legs with different heights can be easily replaced without the need for tools. You can make your own settings according to the place of use and usage.
The detailed pattern that emerges from the fluctuating flame makes the time surrounding the bonfire in nature even more rich.
Fine Ortega pattern decoration on the side of the 45 cm diameter fire platform. A variety of facial expressions are projected by the fluctuation of the flame.
Includes 3 iron legs of 2 different lengths (10 cm and 17 cm) for height adjustment.
This "mouncol" can be enjoyed by more than 4 people. The combination with the separately sold table "Derutas" is also calculated, so you can enjoy various combinations unique to you.
The body comes with 10 cm and 17 cm high legs that allow you to set your favorite bonfire depending on the application.
It does not require any tools and can be easily screwed in manually.
* The legs are the same as the other models "mouncol" and "Derutas". Be careful not to lose the attached bolts.
For storage and portability, a dedicated storage bag made of thick fabric is included.
*This fabric will be sorted according to the arrival time. Currently it is a rope pear storage bag.

Φ450 x H260mm (leg 100mm)
Φ450 x H330mm (leg 170mm)
Two types of legs, 100 mm and 170 mm, are included
Black leather iron
Case: 100% cotton paraffin canvas
Main body, 3 legs each (100 mm, 170 mm), 3 bolts, storage bag
Since each item is hand-made, there are individual differences such as welding marks and scratches during production. Please note this in advance.
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