mouncos ORTEGA
mouncos ORTEGA
mouncos ORTEGA
mouncos ORTEGA
mouncos ORTEGA
sanzoku mountain

mouncos ORTEGA

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It is a bonfire stand that Nicetime custom-built for Sanzoku Mountain, sticking to the beauty of the fire.
Designed with the motif of a woven fabric that is also a traditional craft of Chimayo, New Mexico, ORTEGA features a primitive geometric pattern that has never been seen on a bonfire.
The base material is black leather iron with excellent heat resistance and durability. The more you use it, you can enjoy the unique aging of the material and the beautiful contrast with the burning flame.
When used in combination with the same series, it creates a more fulfilling space.

The body is thick black leather iron. The diameter is about 20 cm, and it can accommodate up to a few people from solo.
The height before attaching the iron legs is about 23 cm, and after attaching the iron legs to about 31 cm. The combination with the separately sold table "Derutas" is also calculated, so you can enjoy various combinations unique to you. Also, to change the height, just change the legs. It does not require any tools and can be easily screwed in manually.
* The legs are the same as other models such as "mouncol" and "Derutas". Be careful not to lose the attached bolts.
Comes with a turf guard and handle that can be used in 3 ways. The turf guard can be used as follows.
1) Protect the grass from charcoal and ash by placing it under the body.
2) It can be used as a frying pan with a handle by seasoning.
3) Can be used as a lid by covering the body of the bonfire.
The chains on both sides can also be used by hanging.
For storage and portability, a dedicated storage bag made of thick fabric is included.
*This fabric will be sorted according to the arrival time.

Φ200 x H310mm (100mm leg) (main body)
Φ210mm (turf guard)
680mm (chain)
Black leather iron
Case: 100% cotton paraffin canvas
Body, 3 legs, 3 bolts, turf guard, handle, storage bag
Since each item is hand-made, there are individual differences such as welding marks and scratches during production. Please note this in advance.
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