Light Pot 650ml
Light Pot 650ml
Light Pot 650ml
Light Pot 650ml

Light Pot 650ml

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TOAKS is a Californian manufacturer of lightweight, strong and sturdy titanium products.
Their products range from mugs to pots, alcohol stoves, wood stoves, pegs, cutlery, etc., and are highly regarded by hikers.
The "Light Pot 650ml" is an item from the "Super Light Pots" series, which uses titanium that is one step thinner than other TOAKS titanium products.
The 650ml capacity may seem a bit large for one person who mainly cooks freeze-dried food. However, if you are cooking non-freeze-dried food, this is the perfect capacity for you.
It's also a good size for two people, as it can boil 600cc of water at a time, which is just right for freeze-dried food, and it's a good choice for situations where you and your partner share your gears, such as OMM races.

W95 x H95 (mm)
Body: 60g
Lid: 17g
Stuff sack: 15g
Lid, Stuff sack
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