sanzoku mountain


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With its distinctive form, sanzoku mountain's "Shock" lantern hanger has become an indispensable item at camp sites.
It comes in a set of two lantern hangers of different lengths, one large and one small, and each hanger consists of two parts.
To install, hit the main pole directly with a hammer. If you feel the pole hitting a hard object such as a stone or concrete, please change the location of the pole immediately and strike it again, as it will cause damage or deformation on the pole. Also, depending on the ground conditions and the weight of the object to be hung, please make sure to check the sufficient depth and strength of the pole before installation.
To preserve the atmosphere of the material itself, the iron is unpainted.
*If you wish to reduce rusting, please do your own rust-proofing as necessary after receiving the product.
Since each item is handmade, there may be individual differences such as scratches, welding marks, etc. Please understand beforehand.

- Size
172cm, 100cm (when assembled), 770mm (bow hook), 160mm (hook)
- Weight: 3kg
- Materials: Iron (mill scale, unpainted) (rustproofing is not applied)
- Quantity: 1
- Item Number: 107688