WireFlame LITE
WireFlame LITE
WireFlame LITE
WireFlame LITE
WireFlame LITE
WireFlame LITE

WireFlame LITE

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MONORAL's lightweight and compact fire pit "Wireflame LITE" is the even lighter version of the flagship model "Wireframe". Both weight and storage size are reduced to 65%. The weight is only 650g.
It can be stored in a jacket pocket and yet you can enjoy a genuine bonfire.
The unique structure (wire-in-frame structure, patented) suspends the heat-resistant cloth by the frame and the wires built into the four sides, which prevents the cloth from sagging when in use, and makes it possible to place firewood or a cooker stably.
(Please make sure that the heat-resistant cloth is strong enough when you put a stove directly on it.)
The fireplace and arm are not in direct contact with each other, so no heat is transmitted. There is no need to worry about thermal deformation, and by reducing the thickness of the arm plate, it has achieved weight reduction and reduction in the amount of heat accumulated. When a load is applied to the fire grate, the cloth turns into a box-like shape, preventing ashes from flying or falling.
*The fire grate is the same as the one that comes with the Wireframe, so you can use the replacement cloth and fire mesh as is.
*The pentode attachment cannot be attached to this product.

The X-shaped frame made of aluminum alloy in the center realizes a simple and functional structure. It is easy to assemble: just insert the four legs into the frame, open it crosswise, and then hook the wires of the fire cloth.

It comes with its own storage bag.

The shape of the fire pit is the same as the Wireframe, making it easy to build a fire. Although it is compact, it is still easy to build a fire.
The special heat resistant cloth is a consumable item and needs to be replaced as it deteriorates due to heating.
Assumed use time: Approx. 50 hours. (Note) The estimated use time is a guide. It may need to be replaced in a shorter period of time depending on the type of wood used and the actual conditions of use, such as heat. We do not guarantee the usage time. For replacement, please purchase "Fire Cloth Replacement".
Due to the nature of the product, there may be scratches on the metal parts. Please understand beforehand.

- Size:
When expanded: W370 x H225 (mm)
When stowed: W145 x L290 (mm)
- Weight: 650g
- Material: Special heat-resistant cloth / Stainless steel / Aluminum alloy
- Loading weight: 2kg firewood
- Accessories: With a dedicated storage bag
- Quantity: 1
- Item number: 107659