Solid curly birch
Solid curly birch
Solid curly birch
Solid curly birch
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Solid curly birch

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This is a genuine kuksa, individually handcrafted by artisans at Pakkataide in Finland.
It is carved from curly birch, which has a characteristic wavy grain.
The handle of the cukusa has a unique curve.
When you put your fingers through the holes in the handle, you can see how it fits comfortably in your hand.
The bottom is inscribed by Marko, a Finnish kuksa craftsman.
The beautiful grain of curly birch is unique, and no two pieces are the same.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, there are individual differences in weight and dimensions.

Dimensions: 160 x 85 x 85 (mm)
Cup diameter: 75mm
Curly birch
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