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Spoon and fork in one, the brass spork is very lightweight and can be used for everyday use, picnic and outdoor activities. Brass has a long history of being used as safe tableware because it changes color when it comes in contact with things that are harmful to our body.

Brass is a material that changes its texture over time. Enjoy the aging of the material.

Care instructions: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. At first, there is a smell unique to the metal, but it will fade as oxide covers the surface. Use dish soap and wipe off any moisture. Use withl care especially in the beginning, as If left wet or unwashed for a long period of time, the surface will easily turn black or greenish blue. Careful use will ensure an evenly distributed oxide film. If you are worried about blackening or turning greenish blue, you can polish it with a mixture of salt and vinegar or a soap containing abrasives to bring out the original luster. If the stain is difficult to remove, soak it in diluted vinegar overnight and then polish it. Greenish blue was once said to be poisonous, but it is harmless to the human body.

This spork is a product completed after many prototypes based on a first prototype handcrafted by Mr. Kikuchi. It is refined and sofisticated and yet has a warm handmade touch.

- Size: W30 x H170 (mm)
- Weight: 30g
- Material: Brass
- Quantity: 1
- Item number: 100103