Shipping Fee Discount Service

<What is "Shipping Fee Discount Service">

If you buy 2 or more items on our website, we will be re-estimating the shipment fee and propose to you with the special discounted shipping fee.

If you have any specific item request that is not on our website, let us know. We will do our best to search the item for you.


<How to apply for "Shipping Fee Discount Service">

Ping us from the “chat with us” button within

Order Steps)
1: Ping us from the “chat with us” button
2: Fill in the necessary information requested from Nicetime
3: Estimate of Special Discounted Shipping Fee will be sent to your email address
4: If you are satisfied with the estimate, pay with your credit card

*We will do our best to reply back to you ASAP but please be noted that we may not be able to reply back to you instantly and would require some time.


<Launch Campaign of “Shipping Fee Discount Service”>

First 50 customers only !!
Buy 2 or more items via “
Shipping Fee Discount Service”, including “Nicetime Original Mug” and you will get a FREE SHIPPING!