mouncol box
mouncol box
mouncol box
mouncol box
mouncol box
mouncol box
mouncol box
mouncol box
mouncol box

mouncol box

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Sanzoku Mountain's fire pit mouncol has a unique appearance that makes it the star of camping.
Nicetime has produced an original storage box for the mouncol so that it can be stored and transported comfortably and safely.
The body is made of durable Cordura nylon. A polypropylene resin plate is inserted around the entire perimeter to protect it from impact.
The bottom is made of MARS material with a surface finish that resists tearing, bending, and chemicals. The fabric is highly stain-resistant and dirt-resistant.
Two pockets on the inside of the lid can be used to store mouncol legs, igniters, gloves, and other smaller items.
The box shape makes it easier to take the mouncol in and out even with gloves on.
It is also designed to fold compactly when not in use.
After taking out the fire pit, it can be folded to keep the tent site neat and tidy. Of course, you can also use it as a storage box for your fire gears.
The "mouncol box" has a simple appearance while incorporating a variety of ingenious features.

In use: 48 x 48 x H19 (mm)
When stored / 48 x 50 x 3 (cm)
Cordura nylon, polypropylene resin
Bottom: Mars (Base fabric: 100% polyester, Surface: PVC)
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