SL76g Umbrella
SL76g Umbrella
SL76g Umbrella
SL76g Umbrella

SL76g Umbrella

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The EVERNEW SL76g Umbrella is the lightest umbrella in the history of EVERNEW, realizing the ultimate portability by further reducing the weight of the 90g Ultra Light Umbrella.
The 5-bone frame is made of carbon material as before, and the weight has been reduced to 76g while maintaining the 83cm diameter!
Waterproof jacket and pants are must-have for rain protection when hiking, but umbrellas can be useful in many unexpected situations. When you are walking to the hut or to the bathroom in the rain, it is sometimes easier to use an umbrella than to wear rain wears.
This ultra-light umbrella is so light that you will forget about it. It's a good idea to keep it in your bag not only in the mountains but also for everyday use.

Ï83cm (when in use), 22cm (when stored)
Carbon (bone material)
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