Wood Plate 210
Wood Plate 210
Wood Plate 210
Wood Plate 210

Wood Plate 210

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Each wooden plate is hand-carved from a square piece of camphor wood from Kagoshima prefecture, and no two are alike.
Wooden plates are harder to break than glass, and their light weight makes them ideal for outdoor use.
The color and grain of the wood may vary from piece to piece. Please enjoy the natural camphor tree.
The camphor tree was designated as the prefectural tree of Kagoshima Prefecture in 1970. It is a disease-resistant, evergreen, tall tree that grows widely in the prefecture.
It is also used as an aromatic essential oil, and has the effect of repelling insects. It also has a calming and stimulating effect, which helps to balance the mind.
It can be used outdoors or at home. Place bread or fruits on it and feel the warmth of the Kagoshima camphor tree.
The paint is made of a special resin that has passed the Food Sanitation Law in Japan.
When washing, please use ordinary household detergent and wipe with a towel or let it dry naturally.
Please do not use a dish washer. Do not use in a microwave oven.
Four sizes are available in increments of 3cm from 210mm to 300mm in diameter. Please choose the one that best suits your needs.

Φ210 x H30 (mm)
camphor tree (from Kagoshima prefecture)
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